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Commercialization of Inventions

Kildal Antenn AB is a privately-owned company with breakthrough IP’s in the wireless area. Kildal develop leading products for the global telecom market.

Kildal Antenn AB is shareholder in two companies, Bluetest AB and Gapwaves AB. Bluetest AB has launched a disruptive technology (reverberation test chambers) for test and verifycation of LTE (4G) throughput which currently is sold to all major cellphone supplier. Gapwaves has developed flat antennas based on GAP™ technology. This flat-antennas could preferable be used for PTP (Point-To-Point) radio links at the 60 GHz band and above. Gapewaves also produce UltraWideBand antennas for scientific usage as SKA (Square-Kilometers-Array) but also antennas for smal radio base stations.